The Acura Brand recently returned to its roots to bring back Precision Crafted Performance as the brand mantra.  GPJ’s challenge: reintroduce the concept to the major auto show milieu in a way that would break through to a new millennial target audience.

In conjunction with the relaunch of the brand with the RDX prototype reveal at the 2018 NAIAS, GPJ, together with sister agency Spinifex Group, brought Precision Crafted Performance to life.

Precision Crafted Performance has always driven Acura.  Acura vehicles are designed and engineered to it, Acura drive characteristics reflect it and the customer service orientation strives to deliver it.  The difference in today’s Acura versus the original brand at launch: Acura is targeting millennials.  Media and messaging must be vibrant and impactful to breakthrough their media clutter thresholds.

We created The Acura Performance Studio.  Like an art gallery, the display is an exhilarating new environment that facilitates Acura story telling with:

  • Optimism
  • Youthful Energy
  • Brilliant Innovation
  • Timelessness



GPJ delivered the Precision Crafted Performance message through an innovative use of precision crafted architecture: motifs throughout the space reflect the vehicle design hallmarks of the diamond pentagon grill and the jewel-eye headlights.  The main space was kept to a minimalist, gallery-like ambiance.  This allowed GPJ and Spinifex the unique use of choreographed holographic transparent LED media and projection to breathe a modernist creativity into the space with brand takeover moments that truly grabbed the attention of everyone in the area.



An immersive VR experience invited attendees to design their own race car livery and then race through an environment inspired by the art they created.  Your car, your world, brought to you by Precision Crafted Performance.

The space depicted Acura with vitality and impact. And the metrics indisputably prove success:

  • 46% rise in overall leads
  • 49% climb in re-contact opt-in
  • 282% increase in dealer contact requests