The Los Angeles Auto Show kicks off the North American auto show season each year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 2017 show was a feast of stunning design, digital activations, and educational and fun storytelling.

Together with sister agency Spinifex Group, GPJ was challenged to bring the Nissan and Star Wars partnership to life in the auto show world. At the same time, Nissan also wanted to make sure the overall look and feel was consistent with their global brand.

Honoring the Star Wars partnership while maintaining the Nissan brand look and feel wasn’t the only measure of success, the underlying Nissan Intelligent Mobility message had to be conveyed throughout the booth, both graphically and through the digital activations as well.

To accomplish this, Nissan design aspects were layered into, over and under the Star Wars look and feel, giving the show floor booth space an out-of-this-galaxy Innovation that Excites atmosphere.

GPJ and Spinifex creative teams worked collaboratively with Disney across states and time zones, utilizing real-time design creation & communication platforms/applications. The result was an immersive experience full of interactive digital and physical engagements that were fun for the whole family. Attendees were able to explore Nissan innovations and also to engage with their favorite Star Wars characters, with plenty of shareable photo opportunities, of course.

Another challenge to Team GPJ at the LA Auto Show was introducing a new youthful Nissan model, “KICKS.” There was a real need to appeal to a new target consumer and connect through new media channels in the process. To do this, we contracted recording artist Robert DeLong, who has an already built in target audience following. Robert’s performance helped present the new nameplate KICKS on stage, and we captured the performance/reveal to be disseminated across multiple media channel platforms.

Together, these powerful experiences kept Nissan at the forefront of the LA Auto Show experience, and top of mind for consumers looking to purchase their next vehicle.