We make thousands of decisions a day: whether to carry an umbrella, what to cook for dinner, or how to meticulously balance our time, projects and budgets at work.

What if we had the tools to anticipate the outcomes of these decisions? IBM Watson and The Weather Company have engineered a cognitive-powered decisions platform that propels the world forward by enabling individuals and businesses to make better decisions with confidence.

For their new Atlanta headquarters, they asked GPJ to celebrate that collective spirit of innovation and elevate IBM’s employees as data stewards who are putting cognitive intelligence to work – to connect the globe, influence culture and fuel collective progress across the planet.

The fundamentals of this organization are staggering…data, science, cognitive and cloud all co-conspiring to deliver the world’s first cognitive decision platform for consumers and businesses.

In the Atlanta office, GPJ was challenged to illustrate the staggering power of this impact with a holistic design approach that uses linear elements to represent uninhibited decision-making, supporting the idea that “empowered decisions propel the world.”

The GPJ design team were influenced by key visual components of the Watson brand, like the evocative lines of motion within the Watson avatar. Original wall sculptures and murals commissioned from artists such as John Hersey and Brendan Monroe draw inspiration from data visualization, global industry, culture and insights-driven decisions.

The centerpiece of the project is the first ever IBM/ TWC data visualization-driven wall sculpture. This sculpture features a dynamic lighting display powered by real-time Air Quality Index data sourced from the Weather Channel API. A companion touchscreen application is tightly integrated with the beautifully machined aluminum frame and provides visitors with further insight into the current air quality around the world, with an amazing illuminated visualization reflecting the status of individual pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur and others.

Here, IBM, Watson and The Weather Company continue to inspire new possibilities of decision making, informed by billions of data sources and enabled by the world’s best cognitive technology. Together they are empowering decisions that propel the world.