•  Post-show awareness of the brand was up 25%
  • Percentage of Millennial attendees with intent to buy climbed by 122%
  • 67% of visitors were owners of competitive brands, up 20%

Honda is dedicated to making people’s lives better. At the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, their all new exhibit shined a spotlight on this dedication with Honda’s award-winning vehicles featured in creative and interactive environments. The new display, designed and built by George P. Johnson, is full of hands-on experiences in a setting designed for storytelling and interaction with the world of Honda.

A center stage creates a focal point for special guest appearances, product debuts and announcements during the show, including live augmented reality presentations introducing the all-new CR-V Hybrid.

The safety zone –with the colorful Seatbelt Wall –displays Honda’s commitment to ‘Safety for Everyone,’ and the Green Wall, an abstract representation of Southern California, is a fitting backdrop for Honda’s vehicle electrification and global sustainability efforts. These captivating walls double as popular selfie opportunities for attendees.

Throughout the space, interactive elements and games share Honda’s wide-ranging sponsorships of racing, NHL, Little League and eSports, while an augmented reality photo op promotes social sharing.”Generally, the concept was to be very bright and optimistic,” said Sage Marie, Assistant Vice President of Honda Public Relations, from the exhibit during its debut in Los Angeles. “You look around the rest of the hall, and it’s kind of dark and brooding. So, we literally wanted to be like a bright, shining beacon. The main focus of this is to give people an environment to shop for cars.”

And it appears we did just that! Among Honda’s Millennial target, the new display made huge gains. Post-show awareness of the brand was up 25%. The percentage of Millennial attendees with intent to buy climbed by 122%, and 67% of visitors were owners of competitive brands, up 20%.