A global leader in connected car technology, lifestyle audio innovations, design, analytics, cloud services and IoT, HARMAN International’s automotive division sought to transform its 2019 CES presence.  GPJ’s goal was to help HARMAN create a highly immersive, customer-centric brand experience, demonstrating how their technologies will amplify the way we live, work and commute in the near and distant future.

Together with sister agency Spinifex Group, this project also included three divisions of HARMAN working together for the first time. Centered in the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, we designed the experience to effectively showcase the full range of products and solutions seamlessly across nine navigable zones. The cohesive aesthetics and open spaces reinforced the identity of ONE HARMAN—to jointly pursue innovations for the next-generation of connected, autonomous vehicles.


These connected engagements began in the Welcome Theater Experience, layering keynote and films to tell HARMAN’s overarching vision of smarter transportation.  The films were made available in several subtitled languages for non-English speakers.













From there, attendees could tour the Automotive Operations Center (AOC), the central hub that housed demos featuring professional actors to provide an engaging behind-the-scenes look at all of HARMAN’s integrated solutions.


The remaining zones were split between focused stories and digital audience journeys that provided top-level information and deeper dive areas for people looking to learn more. Digital content co-produced with Spinifex took full advantage of AR/VR tools, giving a glimpse of what future connectivity with HARMAN-enabled vehicles would look like.


The Shared Mobility Zone highlighted HARMAN’s approach to the ever-growing ridesharing industry.  Attendees could get behind the driver’s seat of several model vehicle bucks in many of the zones to get the full experience.













The full activation was an extraordinary effort combining the talents of all our fabrication studios and effective teamwork between our client and project teams. By focusing on tight storylines and giving attendees the freedom to engage and learn, the value generated by HARMAN’s CES experience proved to be a highly successful collaboration.


  • 3,715 total attendees visited the HARMAN showcase
  • 1,092+ total media & analyst touch points
  • 240 automotive tours
  • 11 custom fabricated interactive zones
  • 7 CES Innovation Awards
  • 100% survey responses reporting “The CES 2019 experience positively improved the opinion of HARMAN among customers”

“I couldn’t ask for a better experience.” – Yaneev Avital, Geektime

“This (Premium Communications) was the demo to bring me to. Best in-car acoustics I’ve heard. HARMAN is too important to miss.” – Eric Noble, Car Lab

“The presentation was very informative and the technology blew me away. I really enjoyed it and wish I could have stayed longer. ” – Kristen Show, Freelance Journalist

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