#DrivingTomorrow Exhibition

The Challenge

Following the regional launch of the Taycan in partnership with Star Wars, which was covered widely in mainstream, lifestyle, and regional media, most of the subsequent coverage was focused on local automotive reviews. Momentum was imperative and the brand engaged us to create relevance for the Taycan across the region once more.

Though 2020 was a year of trial and tribulation, thoughtful innovative brands inspired people to look to a brighter sustainable future as we gear up for the new year – exactly what the Porsche Taycan stands for. Given the challenges of marketing in a pandemic, we needed to develop a concept in a location that was safe, and could deliver both physical foot traffic and digitally wider regional media coverage for the results Porsche required. To establish both Porsche and the Taycan as leaders towards a sustainable future in a compelling way, we needed to select a suitable location. Changi Airport, Jewel was selected and proved to be a perfect partner, given their shared values around sustainability.

The Porsche identity offers orientation in unknown territory and their tradition is the launch pad into a new age. As a potential new venue Jewel at Changi was a fresh destination for a marketing exercise of this type, away from the pretension of Orchard Road, where visitors had more time to explore and also engage for a longer duration in the experience.

In partnering with Changi Airport, we saw how this location continues to defy and redefine what an airport is. Through it all, they are propelled by their core values and commitment and integrity to their people, customers, and partners. For Porsche, like the design ethos of Jewel, performance had to be in harmony with protecting resources and our population on this planet to the surrounding community, Singapore, and the global ecosystem.

Porsche has always stood out from other automotive brands because of the timeless design language matched by flawless functionality. We proposed to harness the interest in mobility and technology with an audience eager to engage with an experience that showcases the best that an innovative brand like Porsche can provide. The brand pillars of Porsche and the Taycan not only focused on a Pioneering spirit, tradition, sustainability and design but also the history and discipline and craftsmanship aspects. We drew on this to develop the design of the space and the experience journey of the space. 

Targeted as an overwhelmingly positive experience to end 2020, the experience would reinforce the future of mobility, the new Taycan is the inspired vision of an exciting new era for the Porsche brand. Contrasting luxury, performance with EV sustainability and comfort, this is the perfect representation of design and sustainably applied for a future focused on effective and sustainable mobility. 

Our Solution

Working with the key stakeholders in late November, we had less than 2.5 weeks to execute the project once approval was provided. Under the #DrivingTomorrow tagline we built out a curated gallery style journey that stepped through Porsche’s history, evolution and commitment to sustainability. We carefully placed two of Porsche’s flagship vehicles, the Porsche 356 and the Taycan, on the show floor to compliment the flow of the content.

We proposed choreographing an innovation and sustainability narrative using Taycan and the Jewel fountain as the inspired protagonists. With a stunning backdrop a Taycan was filmed from multiple views around the tiered Jewel forest. One of the only times a car has been permitted to be filmed within the Jewel space. We created a compelling video edit that brings together informative content around innovation principles, sustainability benchmarks, and the leading design performance of both brands. The final edit supported the Taycan pop up display as well as being used for PR and social platforms. The pop up was a physical representation of the brand partnership. Using a selected space within Changi Jewel, the pop told the innovation and sustainability story that both brands express through performance-based design. Visually distinct, the new Taycan was the centerpiece, expressing the “Pioneer of electric mobility” story, while informative graphic displays depict the historical journey, and outstanding attributes of the Taycan. As a local design icon, complimentary attributes of Changi and Porsche were expressed in various media formats.

Porsche’s modern sustainability and electrification efforts were put in the spotlight, the centerpiece being the Porsche Taycan Turbo. We also featured sustainability elements including Porsche’s way of allowing its sports car owners to offset carbon output. Another intriguing feature was Porsche Unseen, its collection of once-secret design concepts that have only recently been revealed to the public.


The #DrivingTomorrow exhibition has been visited by 15,377 individuals who have interacted with the Porsche brand, not just from a sales perspective but gaining a deeper understanding of Porsche’s core values as well as their rich history. On a current trajectory, we envisage the experience to be visited by 25,000 individuals. 
A display highlight was the Porsche 356, the brand’s first production vehicle, which underscores an interesting sustainability fact: That 70 percent of all Porsches made are still in existence today. For the kids, we created a secondary journey for them with floor decals, photo opportunities and a fun learning experience with the Porsche mascots, Tom Targa and Tina Turbo. As a result of our successful design and experience, including vehicle sales, the exhibition was extended onsite at Changi for another month in duration. Over 1.2M in PR value was gained in the region.