In 2018, IBM merged all their top conferences and reimagined their thought leadership into one flagship conference: IBM Think. With 80% of attendees indicating they were thrilled about their first Think conference and intending to return for 2019, the next iteration needed to surpass expectations.

“We are all standing at the beginning of chapter two of this digital reinvention. Chapter two in my mind will in many ways be enterprise driven.” – Ginni Rometty

IBM’s flagship conference is the world’s most celebrated gathering of visionaries, technologists and innovators. Over 4 days, the curious convene and foremost business leaders connect to inspire and learn. Audiences come to expect to create in the cloud, innovate with IoT, break barriers with blockchain and solve the unsolvable with quantum computing, getting more value from AI and data to make businesses more secure. Ultimately, people are changing the way the world works by putting smart to work.

Bigger, Better

Our teams took the task of moving such a massive-scale event from the long-time familiarity of Vegas to the new possibilities of the Bay Area. From February 12 to 15, IBM took over downtown San Francisco with over 26,000 global thinkers ready to solve the world’s biggest problems. Think offered innovative ways to learn about groundbreaking topics, network with like-minded individuals and get hands-on with the technology that is changing the way the world works.


Think opened the doors to Moscone South with a grand, introductory gesture. A suspended 3D installation of IBM’s most recognizable design – the IBM rebus – enveloped attendees in IBM’s commitment to imagination, creativity and possibilities as they rode the main escalators down to the Think Campus.

Smarter Business

As attendees entered the heart of the Think Campus, they were provoked by a dynamic, flowing visual expression that transitioned attendees into the Smarter Business Showcase. The Stories of Business Transformation theater immersed attendees in client stories that inspired innovation and transformation while delivering IBM’s ability to solve client needs by providing end-to-end solutions at scale.

Data & AI

Attendees visiting the Data & AI Campus came inspired to unlock the value in their data and left empowered to put AI to work. The campus’s unique, visual aesthetic of unstructured data points transitioned into organized, insightful visuals – encompassing how IBM makes your data ready for AI. Powerful activations showcased how attendees can accelerate their journey to AI and how to reimagine workflows with Watson and Project Debater.

Cloud & Infrastructure

A continuously evolving, translucent environment connected the Cloud & Infrastructure Campus into one cohesive community. Cloud experts empowered attendees to own the complexity and opportunity presented by a digital-first business; IBM Infrastructure engagements proved what purpose-built truly means by showcasing the performance, agility and security solutions that IT leaders can count on today and in the future.

Security & Resiliency

The Security & Resiliency Campus enticed attendees through a fluid and colorful artistic system that represented how IBM is a protective shield for building trust with businesses and clients. Four massive, illuminated pillars showcased the complexity of cybersecurity choices in consequences. Attendees’ decision-making skills were tested in the face of a high-pressure security scenario.

Think Theater

The top innovators, visionaries and technologists – including IBM’s chairman, clients and Business Partners – took the main stage to discuss how they are reinventing the future, paving the way for digital transformation and putting smart to work across their businesses.

Think Store

The Think Store was a high-traffic, high-energy space designed for enterprising excellence. Everything from sleek sweatshirts and leather notebooks to Think headphones – attendees had a breadth of branded merchandise to choose from to bring back home as a souvenir from their unforgettable experience at Think.

Networking and partnerships

Think 2019 provided attendees ample opportunities to engage, network and connect with IBM executives, experts and Business Partners. InnerCircle, the Business Partner area and the Executive Meeting Center offered catered experiences for knowledge sharing, where attendees could recharge, grow their network and learn how to propel their business forward with IBM and IBM Business Partner innovations. 2019 was also a year of milestones and Think provided platforms to weave in stories that told decades of progress.

Think 2019 was a tremendous success due to the passion, creativity and craftsmanship proven by our transformative partnership with IBM. We took on an audacious goal and the end result was nothing short of incredible. We expanded the boundaries of experiential marketing by delivering an experience that was client-centric, narrative-driven and uniquely IBM.

Campus Results:

Over 90% of attendees visited the 4 campuses plus the 200+ sponsors;

25K+ unique attendees visited Campus Expo

120+ demos, 20+ activations and 100+ theater and think tank sessions available

Over 20 campus tours, including investors, analysts, press, influencers, clients and geographic leaders.



Vice President, Global Conferences & Events: Colleen Bisconti

Design Principal & Creative Director : Matthew Calkins

Program Director: Dee Hall

Conference Manager: Kada Sigl

Event Experience Strategist: Matthew Denning


VP, Executive Creative Director: Chris Goveia

Senior Creative Director: Suzanne Botha

Associate Creative Director: Jake Martin

VP, Account Director: Robin Kleban

SVP, Live Production: James Klein

Senior Event Strategist: Jessica Turek

Director, Integrated Event Production: Sharon Darcy