Record numbers of gamers literally started a riot trying to gain access to the much-sought-after Capcom booth experience.



Avid fans and influencers of gaming franchises constantly seek new ways to immerse themselves in the gaming universe and storylines.


Design a guest journey that moves fans seamlessly from gameplay into stunning physical environments lifted directly from scenes and artifacts of the game and culminates with virtual reality immersion.


We exploded the idea of what a booth experience could offer by turning the design outside in. For Capcom’s hotly anticipated Resident Evil 7 title, Kenwood recreated the ramshackle house featured in the game, bringing it to life in excruciating detail—the furniture, the wall hangings, right down to the broken windows. Game demo stations were moved to rooms inside the house, as were meeting spaces. The booth also featured immersive VR and live experiences.

Outside the house was another Capcom showstopper. A life-sized inflatable, ripped right from Monster Hunter Generations, hovered high above the booth space and could be seen clear across the E3 floor. Inside the basket of the dirigible was a game demo where attendees could take virtual flight.