A brand-new technology company was born in December 2017. Aptiv (formerly Delphi) is a global technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions, which enable the future of mobility, and GPJ was tasked with bringing it to life on the biggest stage in the tech world – the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

We had 3 Strategic Goals:

  1. Launch the Aptiv brand to customers, prospects, media, investors and government officials​
  2. Drive new business growth, influence key pursuits and open doors to new partnerships​
  3. Solidify Aptiv’s thought leadership position​

To create a high-impact experience for Aptiv’s key audiences, GPJ took inspiration from Silicon Valley offices, modern boutique hotels and media-rich presentation spaces. The big idea? The “Smart Mobility Plaza” would be the canvas to tell the Aptiv story. The Plaza would be a welcoming, warm atmosphere outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center where high-profile clients could come learn about the new Aptiv brand and their service offerings.

The pavilion design was inspired to create movement throughout the space aligned with the branding, “Born to Move,” and capturing the connectivity to the cloud, each other, between things and an integrated ecosystem.

In partnership with Spinifex and Partners + Napier (Content Central), GPJ developed a tech-forward presentation space that included an animated AI personality named “Kora.” This electronic docent welcomed executive-level guests to the Aptiv pavilion and guided them on an interactive Aptiv journey.

To showcase how Aptiv is delivering solutions for automated/autonomous driving and automated mobility on demand, they partnered with Lyft to offer free rides in autonomous vehicles to attendees. The Aptiv and Lyft team-up brought a fleet of 8 autonomous test cars to Las Vegas, which attendees at the show could hail from their Lyft app for rides to 20 different destinations across the strip – just like they would any other Lyft.

The Plaza allowed guests to experience the Aptiv brand in a multitude of ways, each diving into the value proposition of the brand:

  • Experience the Technology: Through LYFT public shuttle service, VIP sessions, and a fully automated driving day experience
  • Hear the Aptiv Story: Interactive displays tied to an overarching narrative
  • Experience the Thought Leadership: through media Interviews and panel discussions
  • Build Relationships: Through customer media, an investor event and inviting government officials

Aptiv and Lyft also hosted a media demonstration day with more than 70 reporters from nearly 60 outlets across North America, Europe and Asia, visiting the Aptiv and Lyft co-branded booth for vehicle demonstrations and 1:1 interviews with executives from both companies.


We gave 2,292 Pavilion tours, produced 7 VIP events, hosted 115 guests for the Investor Relations event, 115 customer meetings, and 100 media from 70+ outlets.

Digital and social media campaigns ran in conjunction with CES, with banner ads, paid and organic social media and an email campaign, which collectively resulted in double digit social media growth and impressive share of voice at CES.

Aptiv owned the “autonomous driving” keyword during CES on Google Adwords with 134% CTR.

The Secretary of Transportation and the Governor of Michigan visited the booth as it was the buzz of CES. Rated the “most real” driving experience by MIT, Aptiv and Lyft provided over 400 autonomous rides to 20 destinations.

The press loved it too:



The experience has already earned a BMA B2 Award for Corporate Branding Campaign, and no doubt will add other award wins in the coming months!