You need imagination in order to imagine a future that doesn’t exist.

Azar Nafisi

Imagination is essential in times like these. Every creative act, including strategy, begins in the imagination. 

Imagination isn’t effective if entirely untethered from reality–that’s just fantasy. However, with discipline and focus, the imaginal world can be brought down to earth to inspire and realize transformation. 

As a practice, GPJ’s strategy group uses disciplined imagination to inspire wild creativity and to realize the unrivaled, transformational potential of experience through intelligent, insightful, human-centered design. 

But Strategy doesn’t work on its own. As collaborative partners we play different roles in the process of moving from A and B: 

  1. Attention > 2. Clarity > 3. Creativity >  4. Effectiveness
  1. Attention: We pay attention. We are looking out for, and open to, what’s here and what’s next. We separate signal from noise, and parse through the BS so you don’t have to. We are salience landscapers, relevance realizers, meaning makers. Intelligence comes as a product of well-trained and intentionally focused attention. 
  2. Clarity: Intelligence is used to inform, focus, and clarify problems and opportunities. With a bit of intuition to hold it together, intelligence helps frame for potential
    • Insight is the product of a reframed problem or situation. It’s the “aha moment”, the new POV 
  3. Creativity: We arrive at insight through imagination and use insights to provoke imagination in the right direction. Bold thinking and creativity come alive. 
    • As wild creativity comes to life we use design to help architect and shape ideas into intentional, human-centered experiences 
  4. Effectiveness: Through the design process creativity is shaped into its most effective form – 
    • We deliver, observe, sense/listen, analyze/learn, implement to test and learn again 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about GPJ’s industry-leading strategy practice, click the contact button and send us a note! You can also view our latest POV on the status of the metaverse as it relates to marketers by clicking here.