GPJ Strategy is back with a fresh round of experiential trends, ideas and takeaways. Here are some of the latest global insights.

Robust planning, protocols and requirements are enabling the return of familiar and noteworthy in-person experiences.


Hybrid approaches continue to unlock business opportunities

Brands are increasingly leveraging hybrid models to generate more accessibility for loyal customers, while preserving in-person experiences for those able to attend.



Is the metaverse the internet’s ‘next phase’? A lot of brands think so.

No, we aren’t living in a science fiction novel (as far as we know), but brands are increasingly investing in the metaverse, and are building infrastructure to capitalize on its growing potential and possibility.



Innovative approaches to sustainability increase as world continues to reopen

Brands, businesses and events continue to reimagine their approaches to sustainability as we get back to in-person.



Sinner in the sky

This Volume’s “Out There” Experiences

Brands and marketers continue to push the boundaries of experiences, with new and creative executions popping up across the globe.

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