fab·ri·ca·tion: The action or process of manufacturing or inventing something

We Build Brand Stories

World-class fabrication embodies everything from strategy and design, to the architecture and environment, masterfully coming together to tell a brand’s story.

GPJ’s expertise dates back over a century, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories. The transformation can be seen with Dreamforce, Salesforce’s can’t-miss brand festival. Every design element down to the last detail is paramount to making the attendee’s journey all the more memorable.

We Build for Scalability and Savings

With GPJ, we understand the value that world-class engineering and fabrication adds to your brand activation. With our sustainability practices, scalability and global network, there’s more than one way to save precious time and resources.

Take our work with Jeep for example, which has produced one of the longest running and most awarded experiential campaigns ever. Camp Jeep continues to draw crowds (with lower costs) year over year. We’ve shared 3 million+ rides across 5 continents, 15 countries and 17 years (& counting). Camp Jeep gives audiences and loyal fans the ultimate test drive, and leaves them wanting more.

We Build for Relevance and Flexibility

Building the biggest booths or the flashiest activations mean little if the floor activity doesn’t help achieve our clients’ business goals. We don’t just tell the biggest stories, our client work enables audiences to engage down to the smallest, most personal stories.

At NRF, Retail’s Big Show, we got to tell IBM’s story in a meaningful way, showcasing their solutions through simple narratives built around 3D miniature worlds that encouraged attendees to ‘take a step back’ and gain a bigger perspective on retail.

We Build for Your Target Attendee

When the creative brief asks for a few kiosks, stands and meeting rooms, we light up. Any agency can build a kiosk to spec. But not every partner can take an idea and offer a true brand environment with the results to back it up.

When 2K Games reached out to create their space at E3, the space had to resonate with three audiences; fans in the main area, fans online and VIPs upstairs. The full flex of GPJ’s global fabrication and design came into play, offering brilliant spaces brimming with the energy and style their games are known for.

We Build for Business Results  

For many brands, either at trade shows or proprietary conferences, business gets done in small meetings and away from the chaos of the show floor. We pride ourselves on enabling that business to get done by providing on-brand spaces where those all-important conversations take place. 

Whether it’s an “owner’s lounge” at an auto show, or a suite of meeting rooms within a conference hall, a VIP lounge at a conference, or even a space for quiet reflection and meditation, we make sure that our clients offer those special areas and experiences that enable business deals to happen. 

When it comes to building, inventing, and knowing how to create business results, call on GPJ as your trusted, strategic partner. Let’s chat!