Our strategy team is keeping an eye on everything experiential. Here’s the latest from around the world. 

A rising wave of Delta variant cases across the globe is triggering an increase in protocols and policies for in-person experiences.

Live and in-person experiences press on with enhanced safety protocols

As the spread of the Delta variant intensifies, safety protocols are keeping pace to ensure the “return to live” proceeds.

“Tradigital” retail is here to stay

Retail therapy is staging a comeback with a new post-pandemic look and feel. Digital activations and advanced technologies are being leveraged to elevate the customer experience to new and exciting heights.

Gaming takes center stage for brands wanting to reach more audiences

The gaming boom is showing no signs of slowing, despite pandemic restrictions beginning to ease. With gaming more in-demand than ever, many brands are eager to get a piece of the action—and are making major investments to do so.

This week’s “out-there” experiences

Brands and marketers continue to push the boundaries of physical and digital experiences, with new and creative executions popping up across the globe.

Until next time, stay safe and take care of each other.