Picking the Right Event Management Agency Doesn’t Have to be Tricky

We get inquiries every day from both established and emerging brands seeking to find a trustworthy and capable event marketing partner. The people we speak with often have a good idea about what the problem is (they’re overwhelmed by the complexities of planning and executing events) but are unsure of what characteristics to look for when making a big decision like this. We get it.

The truth is: events, experiences and activations ARE complex. From finding the right venue or designing the right exhibit, to dealing with all of the logistics, to finding the right way to measure success, the process can be overwhelming. GPJ has been delivering award-winning event projects for more than 100 years, and we have clients who have trusted us to be their partner for much of that time.

Wait… Did we just say that we have client relationships that span decades? Yes, we did. And there’s a reason for that: working with the world’s largest and leading experiential agency has many benefits, perhaps the greatest of which is peace of mind. Yes, our global scale provides significant buying power which translates into cost savings. And yes, we produce thousands of events every year. And yes, we offer a complete, vertically integrated service offering so our clients can rely on us for all of their needs. But we also provide our clients with a serene confidence based on our unparalleled experience and history of results.

That all said, what should you look for when selecting your agency partner? We submit the following as a guide:

  • Ensure your partner is actually an event management agency – not a marketing, advertising or consulting firm masquerading as something they’re not.
  • Find an agency partner with a strong and versatile track record – one that shows they know how to execute successfully despite the many challenges that are bound to arise.
  • Pick an agency that has proven itself by keeping client relationships for long periods of time.
  • Make sure your selection is as at home with strategy, experience design, creative ideation, production and analytics as they are with logistics.

For a deeper dive on what to look for, visit our overview of the characteristics here: event management agency.